Paw Pause

You have been a great support to me these last few weeks, Dwight. I have taken you away from your best friend, Frazier,  your fenced back yard and your walks in the woods. You seem to sense that we are here for something important. I walk you when I can. You enjoy the scents in this rural area. Our morning walks in fresh, heavy air spiked with skunk spray and farm odors must seem exotic to you.  I brought your bed, but this isn’t your house. It’s quiet. Empty.

Helping an aging relation is difficult. There are a lot of decisions. As I struggle to find my new normal, I am thankful to have  you as my constant. You push your soft muzzle up under my bent elbow when I am on the phone, or lay your head in my lap. Twirling your ears is a comfort for both of us. We may have to pause from our usual routine, but you help me remember that the important stuff happens right here, right now…for just a little while. Thank you for keeping me in the moment D Man, my Mindful hound.

candle burning
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