I’m back. I have not visited our blog in over a year, Dwight. There is a boatload of blame blocking my supply chain of words. But that does not excuse my absence. I won’t defend my lack of showing up. I’m just grateful to be back.

Do Pandemic years really count? We all have lost large chunks of time. Some remained productive and active. Others…not so much. My friend logged over 1,000 miles just walking around the neighborhood a few times a day. It was long… but short. Remember when…that was last year…but in Pandemic time it was really 3 years.

Despite the chaos, we have managed to squeeze in a few adventures, Dwight. You went to the ocean for the first time, continued to be Houndini The Escape Artist, and made a few new friends. I’ve been writing about all our adventures in my head, but the words never made it to the page.

I’m blessed to still have words. Many don’t. The words in my brain are tangled in a maze of TMI (too much information) and struggle to find a way out. My heartfelt words are sincere. But my heart protects these words, advising me that some things are not meant for sharing. The words in my gut are the scariest. Raw, real, and intense, they long to be fed. Sometimes by anger. Sometimes by love. Many times they just need to be quietly digested before seeing the light of day.

I will not swallow my words anymore. We’re back. Let’s get this supply chain re-started.

Thanks for listening.

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