It’s a new year Dwight. A fresh start. A new beginning. Rather than New Year’s resolutions, which can lead to expectations and disappointments, I like to choose a word for the year. This word reflects a need I have, usually for improvement. It hangs in the periphery through the ups and downs of the year, reminding me to pay attention. Be mindful.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Two years ago my word was “listen”. I chose it again for 2020, adding “and learn” as I still needed practice. You do too, buddy, as you run off without a glance back when I call your name. You hear me just fine, but you don’t listen. I am guilty of the same. Sometimes, I am so excited to share, I talk over other’s words. And many times, my mind drifts to other places, rather than listening. But when I pay attention to now, I learn a lot.

2020 offered lots of learning and listening opportunities. Besides learning how to Zoom, play Words With Friends, and pick up my mask along with the car keys before leaving the house, I learned a lot about ignorance. Ignorance is pervasive right now. Fake news, or propaganda, has settled around us like a thick fog. Navigating politics and a Pandemic is difficult. Some refuse to slow down, turning on the high beams trying to push their way through. Many just hunker down at home, avoiding it all. Others stay the course, slow and steady, making adjustments for the conditions. Listening and learning.

But ignorance is like the fog and it is fueled by fear. Fear of change. Fear of losing. Fear of not being first. Fear of shortages. These fears create hoarders, me firsters, and lots of excluders. This ignorance can escalate to hatred and intolerance very quickly. I heard and felt all the angst of 2020. I can’t change it, but I can approach 2021 with hope and peace in my heart.

Its time for a new word. I will still work on listening and learning, but for 2021, I choose “worthy”. I want to be worthy, or deserving of all the blessings in my life. The world is worthy of my attention to do what I can to make my corner a little better. When I am lost in the fog of social media, or other time sucking adventures, I hope I will think, “is this worthy of my time?” And most of all, I want to believe that I am worthy. We are all worthy. I am worthy to leave my mark on 2021. Starting today. I know there will be backsliding, treading water and sometimes complete stalls, but I am worthy to keep going.

We got this year D Man. Don’t look back, we’re not going that way. What’s your word, Dwight?

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