F Bomb

You have not escaped in a while, Dwight.  Maybe because between John and I, some days you get walked close to 10 miles. It’s exhausting, but you love it. We are in rhythm now as we wander through the neighborhood. You enjoy our walks, but you need more.

So, when my neighbor’s daughter, Alexa, adopted a Border Collie puppy, I suggested she bring him over for a meet and greet. Frasier’s arrival was magic. I have never seen you run like that Dwight. You galloped and leaped and sprinted like the wind, your chest heaving air in  and out like an accordion. Wow! No wonder you have been wandering off. You need to run. Fast! What a beautiful sight. Dwight thundering through the yard, grass flying , while Frasier pursues. You tease, wanting to be chased by this fast, smart, long-haired friend. Alexa was glad to leave some of Frasier’s puppy energy in our backyard with you, so a fast friendship was formed. Frasier became the F Bomb, due to his speed and his ability to charge you up.


You hear his name and your ears perk up. The knock on the glass, announcing his arrival, causes you to rise from your bed so quickly, that your legs get ahead of your body as you slip and slide to the door, where you jump up and down, unable to contain your excitement to get out and play. Two unlikely best friends, but it works. A Hound and a Border Collie. Border Collies are meant to be one of the most intelligent dogs. Hounds…. just average. Not saying I agree Dwight, but this information comes from the American Kennel Club. Border Collies herd. Hounds hunt.

Play dates have been frequent. As Frasier grew, he was able to out run you Dwight. His agility and herding skills are amazing.  He can spin,catch balls in mid-air and has even been known to leap a fence to get to his BFF, Dwight. It’s comical to watch you two. D Man runs. F Bomb chases. F Bomb nips at D Mans legs. D Man grabs F Bomb by the tail or the neck and throws him to the ground and nibbles at his torso and legs , as if he’s eating an ear of corn. Then more running. Chasing. When you get tired Dwight, you throw yourself to the ground, roll over on your back and let Frasier chew on you for a while.


D Man and F Bomb….BFF. What a combo.

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